Did you know...

…that Namibia is the second lowest populated country in the world?

With around 2.6 people per km2 (6.6 per mi2), Namibia’s population density is just slightly larger than that of Mongolia (1.9). In 1991, just after Namibia’s independence, the population density was with 1.7 people per km2 even below Mongolia’s current level. In comparison, densely populated countries like Germany (230 people per km2), Japan (337) or the Netherlands (408) have on average more than hundred inhabitants more per total land surface. In other words, a holiday in Namibia guarantees vastness and untouched landscapes, especially if the destination is primarily the western part of the country with its Namib Desert – as offered by NAMIBIA-ECO-TOURS.

In arid Namibia, life is generally dependent on the available annual precipitation and thus it is not surprising that the highest population densities can be found in the center of the country (Khomas region with Windhoek), in the north and in the Caprivi Strip. From the country’s center towards the north east, mean annual precipitation in these regions ranges from 350 mm to above 600 mm. Only the Erongo region with its relatively higher population density in the west makes an exception because here on the popular coast we find with Walvis Bay und Swakopmund the third and fourth largest towns of the country. In the south of the country, however, with its low annual rainfall of less than 250 mm, the population density is very low. The evaporation rate there and in the east towards the Kalahari is also particularly high with more than 3000 mm evaporated water per year, so that the little annual precipitation can only produce a small amount of plant biomass.

The map of Namibia shows that the least populated areas are in the dry west and south, as well as towards the Kalahari Basin in the east.

Welcome to NAMIBIA-ECO-TOURS. Due to my studies in Namibia and interest in dryland ecology, I have known this exceptionally beautiful country for more than 20 years now. I invite you to an exclusive tour through Namibia.

Namibia Map